In 1993 we first established our small neighbourhood shop – Hilbert KBH. Morten Hilbert is the inspirational goldsmith behind all our modern talisman and jewellery designs.

From his modest workshop in Copenhagen, Hilbert has distilled his vision and outlook on life into this cool, quirky and charming collection for men.

“NOBOXER jewellery is about looking at life in a clear and uncluttered way – with an easy smile, enduring charisma and confidence.”- Jesper Carvalho Andersen, Chairman


We’ve distilled the essence of Danish design and quality, blended it with humour, a taste of travel and adventure, and then brought it all together in this signature collection.

We’re deeply committed into creating items of great beauty, but also keeping an eye on the bigger picture, and relish to think of our jewellery being passed-on to the next generation.

Our products reflect this by being effortlessly timeless, unique, beloved and infinitely collectable.


NOBOXER is firmly committed to global humanitarian ideals, coupled with being environmental and in spending time in sourcing both sustainable and top quality materials.

We’ve also spent a long time trying to ensure the best possible working conditions for our skilled craftsmen around the world.

We’ve found through experience that this hands-on approach is best way to ensure our integrity.


Our precious jewellery is made to be worn by real people, 24 hours a day.

No worries and no fuss – wear it close to your heart knowing that sweat, sand, salt, perfume or soap can’t undo our craftsmanship.

As an added twist, we like to think that our modern talismans are charged with positive energy from the giver to the receiver, now and in the future.


All NOBOXER precious metals are hallmarked according to the Vienna Convention.

Our gold is 18 carat, and is stamped ‘750.’

Our Sterling Silver is likewise stamped with ‘925’ and is of the same high quality in its oxidised version.

All our metals are all nickel free.

NOBOXER Stones and Pearls

NOBOXER has developed a special six-sided cut for our precious and semi-precious stones.

We use Top and Wesselton VS diamonds, non-enhanced sapphires, black spinel, topaz and garnet.

Our eclectic collection also features onyx, wood, glass beads, natural stones and pearls.

At NOBOXER we believe that our combinations of natural materials are both unique and precious to each design.


Simple and functional design, fused with an impeccable finish makes our range of chains a integral part of our collection.

We recommend chains of varying lengths worn together, and of course worn with our talismans.

Produced in 18 carat gold, Sterling Silver, oxidised silver and Mikado Nylon – each chain sports a practical NOBOXER tube lock.


All of our products have a two year production warranty.

Also, free delivery and a two week return policy on unused products in the Nordic countries, the EU and the USA.

NOBOXER Security

You’ll get a confirmation email with a precise description of your commissioned talisman when you place your order and pay.

All financial transactions are processed by secure international credit card providers, also PayPal or Bitcoin payments.

We then create your design to your unique specifications.

This process normally takes two weeks, but we will keep you informed until you receive a shipment confirmation and delivery date.