Meet Morten Hilbert

Morten Hilbert is the Danish Master goldsmith and designer behind the NOBOXER collection of Modern Talisman’s. He’s number one a brilliant craftsman, but aside from he’s a nice person, dad, friend, husband and son. Many designers are inspired by the things closest to them, and Hilbert is no exception; It’s these easy-going values, love of travel and collecting that have been the best ingredients of this eclectic and enduring collection for NOBOXER and Hilbert.

Handmade in Christianshavn

There’s an area of Copenhagen called Christianshavn. It’s just over the water from the ancient centre of the city, and was purpose built by King Christian the 4th some five hundred years ago. He was a true Renaissance man, his numerous building projects pepper the low Copenhagen skyline – and all were, naturally, named after him. Dutch architects were called in to construct the artificial island of Christianshavn, and wealthy merchants were beckoned over to settle along the banks of the gracious canals, with an added bonus of being tax free for 10 years.

From Morten’s workshop he watches each Christianshavn day unfold. Friends call by, customers gaze through the windows at his precious jewellery and he quietly finalises the NOBOXER collection


By Bjoertvedt (Own work) [<a href=”″>CC BY-SA 3.0</a>], <a href=”httpss://”>via Wikimedia Commons</a>


Morten Hilbert first established his small neighbourood shop in 1993. This modest and charming Copenhagener is the inspirational goldsmith behind all our modern talisman and jewellery designs. From his workshop he’s distilled his vision and outlook on life into his eclectic designs. As you cast your eyes around his workbench you see how: antique glass beads and velvet purses spilling samples of rubies, topaz and spinel ready to be fashioned into whatever Hilbert’s lively imagination has conjured-up on his travels around the world. On the walls of his studio a chipped plaster Madonna, smiling bronze Buddah’s, ancient goldmsmith equipment and stacks of Corsaire Maltese comic books. It’s this delightful fusion of his relaxed outlook on life, the vibrant city that surrounds him and the consummate skills of a Master that has nurtured his cool, offbeat and covetable designs.


No slave to passing trends, Hilbert has created modern heirlooms that pass with ease from generation to generation. These are handcrafted pieces that defy the march of time and categorization. They’re subtle, manly, beautifully handcrafted and beloved. We think that you’ll love them too!